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In Loving Memory


This page is to remember the horses we have lost, all of which have been an integral part of Blazing Saddles Stunt Team, without these horses the team would not be what it is today!!!















Although Fizz was never part of Blazing Saddles Stunt Team, I truly believe that without her this team would not exist. She really taught me everything I know, she wasn't easy, but God was she determined; at only 13.3hh we made every team, she'd pop 5ft fences, my mum says she once saw us jump a hedge out team chasing and the only thing you could see approaching the hedge was the tip of her ears,


I thank this pony for teaching me that sort of determination! I'm so grateful for the friendship she gave me and for being a constant in my life from the age of 9 to 29.


I owe it all to her!!!

Amy x








This may not be the best photograph in the world but it is one of my favourites of Skye and Mischief, because when all the action and glitter was gone this is where Skye could be found... if she was upset and you couldn't find her there was only one place to look... Mischief's stable. Their relationship was very similar to mine and Fizz's but was cut short when he was taken from us on Boxing Day 2009 with colic. I thank this little pony for looking after my baby girl and teaching her so much. He has left a massive hole in our family, but our memories will be with us forever!!!

Amy x










Although Mando wasn't with us very long, I'm honoured that it was us he was with until the end. He was the perfect gentleman and stopped everyone in their tracks as he passed. Mando was the first High School Horse I owned and although he was cranky and occasionally decided to have a funny 5 minutes of "party tricks", by taking him back to basics and with a calm hand, he chilled out and went on to reward me by teaching me so much. Without he's guidance I believe that Espiritu and I wouldn't have clicked so well.


Loved by every member of the team, our "Mandino" will never be forgotten!!!

Amy x