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Do You Need Help With Your Hose or Pony?
Blazing Saddles Stunt Team have dealt with a wide range of horses with varying temperaments.
We provide a range of horse training expertise including re-schooling, backing young horses, retraining racehorses and working with problem horses. We have an extremely high success rate, succeeding in giving horses with no future, a future.
Every Horse is assessed and started off by Amy herself, its only when the horse has progressed that one of the other riders from Blazing Saddles Stunt Team are introduced but always under Amy's supervision and then finally moving onto reintroducing horse and owner under Amy's supervision until they feel confident enough to go solo.
Amy uses a vast number of methods to help train and retrain horses depending on the individual horse and the root of its 'problems'. She uses a range of techniques including Western, Natural, Spanish and traditional English. Whether the horse is scared, violent, angry or in pain Amy will patiently get the root of the problem, allowing her to find a training way to move forward.
Remember we can also cater for ponies no matter what size with the help of Amy's daughter Skye
References are available from owners that have received help from Amy
If you have a horse or pony that you would like help with
or even if you'd just like some advice,
don't hesitate to call Amy
on 07515 948903 or
Email her at