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This is one of the first photographs Amy received from Spain of India and her foal Indio

 who was just 4 months old!


Read their stories below


India was the worst case of starvation Amy had ever seen. She had been abandoned in Spain with her 3 month old foal, she had no food and her foal at foot was feeding from her. India was literally wasting away!

Amy actually cried when she received the photographs of India and her foal Indio.

She was giving her foal everything and Amy began to worry that she might not make the journey back to the UK. Amy arranged for them to be fed in Spain in preparation for the journey to the UK.

Once they had been checked by a vet it was agreed the India and her foal would travel without a partition in the lorry to allow them to lie down and that it would take an extra 2 days to get to the UK so that they had longer rest periods.

Once back in the UK and with Blazing Saddles the TLC started. India is now thriving and Amy has even backed her now and she has started hacking her out! She is a trusting, genuine fun mare who somehow has retained a trust in humans!


All the TLC is working .... here she is now






....the baby of the team!. Although suffering from malnutrition his Mum, India, had given her foal everything. Right from the point he arrived in the UK he has been wonderful.

We have kept him entire and his manners are perfect!, This little man is awesome, he was garroted in Spain and had bad scaring under his mane and it tore his oesophagus and when he eats the food leaks from into his neck causing a permanent leaking abscess. On top of this he has spent 7 months of his 11 months with his back leg in plaster which has to be changed twice a this little man has remained the positive, happy little thing that he is amazes us.

Fingers crossed he is over the worst.

Watch out for this one ........we think he is going to be something special!!!!!


 Happy boy!