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'Consequential Horsemanship' is a concept and technique developed by Amy Woodward the main premise being 'that every action has a reaction' whether it is by the horse, rider or trainer.
It was developed by Amy to retrain the horses she rescues, most of them deemed too dangerous to handle and certainly unrideable. Most are kept by Amy and they can be seen performing with Blazing Saddles Stunt Team . Some have gone to new homes to be used as Happy Hacks and for Endurance Riding, Dressage, Pony Club and Driving, every one of them now enjoying a secure future. Amy chooses the new homes for her horses very carefully and all the owners know that she is only ever a phone call away ...the horses happiness is her main concern.
In addition owners have sent their horses to her, often as a last resort, when everything else has failed and using the techniques she has developed over years of working and performing with horses they have been able to return to their owners to re establish a happy working life.
Consequential Horsemanship is not one technique ; it is a combination of skills and actions. Each horse is treated as an individual and their background and reactions to various situations are analysed and a programme established to ensure the best outcome with the least stress for all concerned. It is definitley not 'one cure for all' .
Amy is currently writing a book which will guide owners and trainers through the process of overcoming difficulties with their horses using her techniques.
Consequential Horsemanship courses and Demonstrations will be taking place throughout the country in late 2011 and early 2012.....
Contact us for further information, either using the contact page on this site of by e mailing us at
Amy performing on Helette in the Finals of the 'H Factor' at the British Open at the NEC
Helette was Amys first rescue horse, he was on his way to slaughter when he was rescued. He was a serial bolter and up to his rescue his life had been very hard. His legs are covered in scars and his nose and teeth badly broken.....Amy had him less than 9 months before this performance
There is more information on our horses on their own page.