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                                 STUNT CO-ORDINATOR AND PERFORMER

                                          FACT FILE

         RIDING SINCE:      2 YEARS OLD



Amy is the creator of Blazing Saddles Stunt Team starting off with only one horse, her favourite and oldest member of the team, Helette. From this modest start she has invested great time, effort, skill and love into making Blazing Saddles a permanent fixture on the Show and Festival circuits, as well as the Television and Film Industry.

Amy was born into an Equestrian family, her mother was an instructress who competed in showjumping and her father evented and team chased. Her younger brother, Daniel, now team farrier, represented his Pony Club at Mounted Games nationally before he joined The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain and went on to represent the South of England nationally for nine consecutive years and England internationally in Canada and Sweden
Amy started riding at two, taking over her mother's first pony who had remained with the family. In the early years she succesfully competed in showing, quickly moving on to show jumping on her prolific little chestnut pony, Bucks Fizz, who took her through to senior BSJA classes. During her teens, as an active member of Pony Club, she trained in dressage, show jumping, polo, horseball and side saddle competing on Regional and National teams. She later became a senior instructress with Pony Club, an organisation she supports and of which her daughter, Skye, is now a member.


 Amy is one of only a handful of people in the country that can perform a backwards arabesque. Along with many other tricks and tremendous showmanship, Amy also writes the shows for all of the performances.

Investing all her time and effort into Blazing Saddles has never stopped her and daughter Skye Woodward taking time out to spend time with each other.  

"We see each other as a team Skye and I, Blazing Saddles Stunt Team has meant that we have toured the country performing shows to thousands of people together. We do get to do normal things as well but it's like a little adventure every time we travel to a new show ground or film set"


Amy trains the horses and ponies that she has rescued, the majority of which are from slaughter or extremely cruel conditions. She does this using her own theory "Consequential Horsemanship". Amy is currently writing a book where she will explore her theory along with her personal experiences.

"Consequential Horsemanship" has helped to train horses deemed 'unridable' and 'unsafe' into the stars of the Show and Festival circuit.


Amy also uses these theories in the training of other people's horses, whether it be starting off a youngster or re-training a horse with problems.

Blazing Saddles take in horses for 'retraining' no matter what the background. Amy is so confident in her training methods that she offers a three-week guarantee of having your horse 'retrained' and ready to ride away.

For more information click here forHelp With Your Horse.


As a member of Equity, Amy has worked in the Film and Television industry on many productions giving actors lessons before they can get into their role on a horse. 

 Her most notable credit being 'horse master' on 'Wuthering Heights' well as a riding double.


Being in hair, make up and costume isn't a rarity for Amy as she has done many photo-shoots endorsing Blazing Saddles and is an ambassador for 'HorseWare and Dublin'


                               Click Here for more photos of filming and photo-shoots 

All year round Amy has Trick Riding Clinics where she teaches anything from trick riding to simply building your confidence on a horse which is based on each individuals needs from the session.